Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival

Pygora Goat & Fleece Shows


September 28-29




Pygora Breeders Association sanctioned Fleece and Goat Shows will return to Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival in 2023. All Pygora events will be held in the Swine Barn and include sanctioned doe, buck, weather, and fleece shows.


Long-time PBA Licensed Judge Lisa Grzeskowiak will judge all Pygora shows.


The expected dates are:

  • Pygora Fleece Show--5 pm Friday, September 28.
  • Pygora Doe Show—10 am Saturday, September 29.
  • Pygora Wether Show—1 pm Saturday, September 29.
  • Pygora Buck Show—2:30 pm Saturday, September 29.


Pygora fleece, roving, yarns and other products will be available to purchase from the Pygora vendor booth.


Show times and classes are subject to change on day of show at the discretion of the show judge and local show chair.