Dear 2020 Fleece and Fiber Producers,


This year has been a crazy year! We hope this letter finds everyone healthy and safe. In case you hadn’t heard already, this year’s Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival will be a virtual festival due to Covid-19 concerns. We have elected to use a platform that everyone can participate in, it is called Eventeny. The festival will be promoted in its normal places, and the actual event will be held the weekend of September 25-27 online.


What does this mean for fiber producers? If you choose to, you can set up a shop as a vendor through the Eventeny site and for $30 you can sell as many  items as you’d like. You can sell fleeces, yarn, roving, and other fiber related products. Selling washed fleeces, partial fleeces and other farm-made products is also a suggestion.


Eventeny takes a 5% commission on all sales. We are not charging anything additional for any sales by you. This means you will be responsible for setting up your own shop and handling the sales and shipping. The program is fairly straightforward, and if you have any experience with online sales, it should be a breeze. Once your application is processed, you can start setting up your online shop immediately.


We will be promoting through our Fleece Sale Facebook site up until the event, and then we can promote fleece sales for those of you that are vendors throughout the weekend. Buyers will be able to search for specific items, so it’s important to put the word “fleece” in your item title description.


Some tips for selling your fleeces:

  1. Take several good shots of the fleece, including an overall shot, a closeup and a single lock.
  2. In your item description, don’t forget breed, color, fiber length, weight and the amount of VM.
  3. Name of the animal, and a picture of it is always helpful. Any additional stories you can tell connects the buyer with the animal.
  4. Please be honest in your fleece descriptions. If it is heavy in VM, say so. If it is not skirted, say so. If it is a beautiful perfect fleece, say so! Does it have weak or sun-bleached tips? Use words to best describe your fleece, buyers don’t want to be unpleasantly surprised.


We hope to have some videos prepared in advance of the festival for skirting, grading and shipping your fleeces.


Below is the link for the festival. If you choose to participate, scroll down and fill out a vendor application. If you need additional help, please contact us at and we will try our best to assist you.


We wish you the best, and hope to see you in person next year. We hope that in year’s past, we have given you the education and tools to be able to sell your fleeces yourself.


With warm and wooly regards,

The 2020 SVFF Fleece Sale Committee

Letter to Fleece and Fiber Producers
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