My name is Chelsea Fehskens,  I love working with fiber in one form or another. I learned about the fiber world from farm to yarn. Starting with raising sheep, learning to shear and processing wool to a finished product by spinning yarn. I raise Finn Sheep with my family at our small homestead in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Raising sheep and hand spinning is such a fun experience, I love sharing it with others willing to learn

Cindie Bennett is primarily a crochet crafter and designer. However, loves practicing and learning all aspects of the fiber art. She opened a local studio (Academics of Yarn) which offers all skills levels of education for knitting and crochet. She has published multiple intarsia designs into magazines. Some of her most recent publications were to Happily Hooked Magazine and Crochet World. 


I am Dawn Craig the indie dyer behind Fairy Tale Knits.  I am a homeschooling mom of four.  I'm also a total geek.  My favorite animals are dragons. (Don't tell me they aren't real!) I love all things fantasy and sci-fi.  I'm into quirky mystery shows like Monk and Psych.   I started dyeing yarn for a KAL I was doing with friends.  I couldn't find the purple shade I wanted so I bought some undyed yarn and dyed it myself. That was about 10 years ago and I haven't finished that shawl, but I also haven't stopped dyeing.  My desire with my dyeing is to bring a sense of whimsy and playfulness to your projects.  I want my colorways to inspire the magical fun of your imagination, bringing out that fun-loving child inside.  I love teaching and have taught many friends to knit and taught knitting at our homeschool co-op for several years.  With my teaching, I want to promote the fiber arts and people’s love for it. 


Dorothea Pierce has been knitting for over fifty years and spinning for over thirty. Her absolute favorite thing to do, EVER, is teach people how to spin and knit. She has taught 3 days spinning workshops, five-minute knitting tutorials, and everything in between. She annually captains a wildly popular Tour de Fleece team and writes a blog for beginning knitters and spinners. In her spare time, when she isn’t knitting or spinning, she raises chickens and weaves on an antique loom.


Jill Newman is a fiber artist who creates original felted wool jewelry and abstract art using both needle felting and wet felting techniques. She enjoys teaching and sharing her love of felting and mixed media in the Washington, DC area. Jill is a resident artist at Artists & Makers 2 in Rockville, MD, where she offers classes and parties at Zazzy Peacock Studios. Jill also exhibits and demonstrates at various local craft shows, galleries, and juried exhibitions, including the 2017 and 2015 Creative Crafts Council Biennial Exhibitions, the 2017 Celebration of Textiles at the GW Textile Museum, and Fiber National 2016 and 2018 at the Workhouse Arts Center.

M Theresa Brown is a long time professional portrait artist whose career continues to evolve and embrace many areas of the Arts. Her years of printmaking and color work led her to explore the fiber arts. Using many similar skills and knowledge, she has evolved as a hand painter and ecoprinter on protein fibers. She uses both synthetic and natural dyes and merges them into unique, beautiful designs on silk and wool. She then transforms the fabric into garments, accessories and art.

Melissa Weaver Dunning is a hand-weaver, spinner and knitter with over 35 years of experience working on antique equipment to recreate 18th and 19th century home produced textiles.  She began her textile study with Scottish master weaver Norman Kennedy in 1980, and carries on this rich tradition in her own teaching.  Melissa is an avid tartan and linen weaver, a compulsive knitter and a lover of wool who enjoys sharing her passion for weaving and spinning with students.


Paige Shipley is the owner of Good For Ewe Yarns.  She is very enthusiastic about colorwork in general, but won't stop talking about Fair Isle knitting. She lives in Indianapolis, IN with her husband, baby, and cat that looks like an opossum. 





Judy Wilson is a self-taught artist living and working in central North Carolina.  She grew up on a farm in Southeastern West Virginia and has always been around sheep.  After retiring from the show ring with her sheep she began exploring the world of fiber felting in 2014 and uses both needle-felting and wet felting techniques.  She uses wool from her Suffolk sheep and purchases fiber from other breeds of sheep, llamas and alpacas as well as silk to use in her paintings and sculptures which she sells through local juried shows.  Besides teaching classes at her studio and local venues, she is teaching two classes at the Blue Ridge Fiber Festival this year in June.


Kathy Donovan is a Certified Oxford Punch Needle Instructor who loves introducing students to the fast, fun and easy punch method to create any size rug. She raises Karakul sheep and creates rug yarns from her flock.


Kimberly Garver.

I have been teaching for ten years, mainly circular sock knitting machines, but also knitting, hairpin lace, broom stick lace, knitting and crocheting.  I Not only teach but maintain a fiber business with hand dyed yarns and accessories that both my husband and i have designed.  


 Kimberly Radcliffe learned to spin in May of 2009 and within a year had started acquiring raw fleece. She loves the whole process, beginning with the skirting and sorting of fleece all the way to the finished item. She never passes up an opportunity to be at a fleece shearing! Kimberly loves to comb fibers and spin worsted, usually into fine lace yarns. She also loves to share her passion with others. Teaching is a dream come true!


Patty Williams is the co-owner and fiber resident of Aker Fiber Farm.  Patty began working with fiber arts as a young girl with her aunt and mom.  She learned how to crochet, wash fleeces, and card wool before she could tie her shoes.  She began the business plan for Aker Fiber Farm, with her husband, after reaching a turning point in her life; and shortly afterward Aker was born.