Annual Juried Fleece Sale


Dear Fiber Producers:


Once again, we are delighted to announce the Annual Juried Fleece Sale.  This is an excellent local market for selling your best quality fleeces directly to fiber artists, at premium prices.  The Annual Juried Fleece Sale is not a show or a competition, but a venue assuring buyers of a minimum quality standard through juried evaluation.  


Each fleece will be weighed and examined by fleece sale staff prior to being offered for sale.  Fleeces that are not skirted, are unusually dirty (manure tags, staining, etc.) or have excessive vegetable matter will not be accepted for sale.  Fiber that is cotted (felted), weak, mildewed or otherwise defective will also not be accepted for sale.  Accepted fleeces will be divided into six fiber categories:  fine, medium, long and double coated wools, camelid fibers (alpaca, camel and llama), and goat fibers (cashmere, mohair, cashgora and pygora).  Evaluation notes, with suggested end uses, will be provided for each fleece, and given to the buyer at time of purchase.


Changes made in 2016

Revised Entry Form.  Sections for Producer Fleece Identification

and Breed Class have been added.

Fleece Sale Data Summary.  Information from 2015 has been compiled to show the types, numbers and prices of fleeces entered and sold.  

Copies of the evaluation notes and suggested end uses will be provided to producers this year.

The Entry Fee has been increased to $5.00 per fleece for 2016.



  1. Juried Fleece Sale Entry Form:  Producers are responsible for setting their own prices.  Please list only full fleece prices on the entry form.  Price per pound can be noted on an information card and included with the fleece in the bag.  
  2. Breed Designation:  Breed information should be designated as follows:
    • For purebred single breed:  Breed Name (e.g., Merino)
    • For crosses of more than one breed:  Predominant Breed Name X (e.g., Merino X) Predominant Breed refers to the breed that is either the highest percentage breed in the cross or the breed in the cross whose qualities are most reflected in the particular fleece.  
  3. Bagging Your Fleeces:  Please bring your fleeces to check-in packaged in open clear plastic bags.  Bags must be left open to allow for identifying paperwork and evaluation cards to be placed inside. After evaluation, the bag will be knotted with the appropriate amount of opening for shoppers to view the fleece.
  4. Producer Identification with Fleeces.  Many of our buyers like to see complete breed information, which should be included on a separate card in the bagged fleece.  We encourage you to provide as much information about you the producer, your farm, flock and the individual fleece, including photos of the individual sheep and a clean lock sample.  Please enclose this information in a clear plastic bag to protect it from grease and repeated handling.



Fleece check-in is Friday, September 23, 2016, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, and will be located at the front of the Arts & Crafts Building.  Check-in is fastest and easiest for those who have completed their registration forms ahead of time, and have payment ready.


Plan to pick up any unsold fleeces on Sunday, 9/25/16, at 4:00P.  All fleeces not picked up will become the property of the Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival.  A check for your sold fleeces will be mailed to you several weeks after the festival.


Please email us at to indicate the number of fleeces you plan to enter.  Should you have any questions, or wish to volunteer at the Fleece Sale, contact us at


We look forward to seeing you!

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SVFF '16 Producers Workshop Info and Reg
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