Our wonderful competitions!

Fleece to Scarf

Sunday from 9 am - 11:30 pm

A team of one weaver and two spinners is all you need! Select a

washed but uncarded fleece (lock structure should be intact) of

sheep's wool, alpaca, llama, bunny, goat...any natural animal fiber

will do. Design your scarf, warp your loom, practice hand carding,

spinning and weaving and see if you can get it completed in two

and 1/2 hours. Creativity of your team's name, theme, costumes

and signage will give you a head start with the judges! Please be

sure to read through the specifications and judging points system.

Scarves will be auctioned off with proceeds to each team. Prize

money and other awards will also be presented. There is a Team

registration fee of $10.00

Fleece to Scarf Forms.pdf
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Registrations up to September 19th will be accepted!

Spinning Competition

Junior and Adult Spinning Competitions


Sunday 1 PM


Participants must bring their own spinning wheels or spindles.


Participants will use the provided carded or combed fleece.


All participants must pre-register to compete, although if space allows, registration may take place the day of the event.


There is NO entry fee.


Junior Competition - 1 PM

Participants must be under the age of 18.


Adult Competition - immediately following the junior competition, or concurrently, if there are only 1-2 junior competitors.


There will be two competitions for both groups: Beginner and

Experienced, which will run at the same time.  


Junior participants will spin for 15 minutes. Adults for 20 minutes.


The yarn will then be skeined and measured. Awards will

be given for the following in each competition:


  • Longest Yarn
  • Lumpiest Yarn
  • Most Consistent Yarn
  • Skinniest Yarn
  • Fattest Yarn



Spinning Competition Info and registrati
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