Chelsea Fehskens:  Chelsea has learned about the fiber world from farm to yarn living in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Raising Finnsheep, learning to shear and self-taught processing, dying and spinning wool opened the world of fiber. When she is not chasing three kids she can be found teaching, sewing project bags, and processing wool.

Cindie Bennett: Cindie Bennett is primarily a crochet instructor and designer. She has taught at many fiber festivals along the east coast. She is also an instructor at Michael's Craft Store. She is a Certified Crochet Instructor through Craft Yarn Council. Cindie Bennett has published multiple crochet designs into popular crochet magazines.


Dixie Faries:  Dixie Faries has been knitting and crocheting for over 50 years. Over the last 15 years, she has taken classes with numerous knitting and crochet designers to enhance her skills. Her greatest love is knitting, and tackling new techniques and processes is a passion. Dixie has taught beginning and intermediate techniques to informal knitting groups over the past 10 years.

Dorothea Pierce has been knitting for over fifty years and spinning for over thirty. Her absolute favorite thing to do, EVER, is teach people how to spin and knit. She has taught 3 days spinning workshops, five-minute knitting tutorials, and everything in between. She annually captains a wildly popular Tour de Fleece team and writes a blog for beginning knitters and spinners. In her spare time, when she isn’t knitting or spinning, she raises chickens and weaves on an antique loom.


Jean Elizabeth Glass:  Jean Elizabeth Glass has been knitting for longer than she cares to admit. She was brought to knitting by friends who told her that she could knit with beads thus marrying two wonderful crafts and making her smile.

Jill Duarte:  Jill Duarte, PhD, is the owner of HipStrings, a fiber arts company which brings a modern twist to the ancient fiber arts. She spends her days obsessing about fiber and digging into the why of spinning. She is inordinately fond of fiber blends, short stapled fibers, and learning something new every day.

Jill Newman is a fiber artist who creates original felted wool jewelry and abstract art using both needle felting and wet felting techniques. She enjoys teaching and sharing her love of felting and mixed media in the Washington, DC area. Jill is a resident artist at Artists & Makers 2 in Rockville, MD, where she offers classes and parties at Zazzy Peacock Studios. Jill also exhibits and demonstrates at various local craft shows, galleries, and juried exhibitions, including the 2017 and 2015 Creative Crafts Council Biennial Exhibitions, the 2017 Celebration of Textiles at the GW Textile Museum, and Fiber National 2016 and 2018 at the Workhouse Arts Center.

Katelyn Mumford:  Katelyn Mumford is a self-taught fiber artist creating realistic needle-felted portraits. Her artwork portrays farm animals, domestic pets and rural scenery. She strives to express the animals' personalities in her portraits by using a variety of techniques to create texture and lifelike details. Katelyn has been making custom pet portraits and one-of-a-kind artwork under the business name of Fancifelt for the last 5 years, but it will be her 10th year felting. She is beginning to teach classes to share her knowledge and love of natural fiber with others. Katelyn resides in the upper Shenandoah Valley with her family, pets, alpacas, and sheep.


Kimberly Radcliff:

Laura Davidson:  Laura Davidson from Sharpsburg, MD is an award-winning costume and pattern designer, published author and nationally recognized sewing teacher. She has taught fashion sewing privately and to groups and expos for over 25 years. She is passionate about fine fabrics, fit and fashion. She teaches WHY we have disappointments and HOW to avoid them! 


Lauren T. Furey and Wisteria Perry:  Lauren T. Furey has worked in the museum field for almost forty years. She started her career as a costumed historical interpreter in living history, moved on to museum education, and currently serves at the Manager of Visitor Engagement at The Mariners’ Museum and Park in Newport News, VA. With a background in historic weaving, natural dyeing, and an extensive library, her love of history is part of everything she does. She also is an award-winning textile artist and creates ministers’ stoles. Wisteria Perry has worked in the museum field for nineteen years. She has conducted programs as a costumed historical interpreter and educator and currently serves as the Manager of Interpretation and Community Outreach at The Mariners’ Museum and Park in Newport News, VA. Having worked a variety of museums, Wisteria has gained skills in historical cooking techniques, natural dyeing and enjoys making things out of gourds and fabric.


Liza Q. Wirtz:  Liza Q. Wirtz, better known as Q, teaches freestyle weaving at her fiber-arts studio, the Foldout Cat, in Huntsville, Alabama’s well-known arts facility and creative community, Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment. Q has been actively studying SAORI - weaving, sewing, philosophy, and practice - with Sarah Dauro (Handmade SAORI) and Denise Prince (HanDen Studios) for approximately three years, working towards someday realizing her dream of becoming an official SAORI studio. She's a recent and enthusiastic convert to the joys of spinning; she also creates art batts on her spouse's Strauch Mad Batt'r Doublewide and is learning to dye. In addition to her ever-broadening range of fiber-arts passions, Q bakes and sings (separately) for pleasure and practices estate-planning law, specializing in artists and small businesspeople.


M Theresa Brown:  M Theresa Brown is a long-time professional portrait artist whose art career continues to embrace many areas of the Arts. Her years of printmaking and colorwork led her to explore the fiber arts. Using many similar skills and accumulated knowledge, she evolved as a hand painter and eco printer on natural fibers. She uses natural dyes and low impact synthetic dyes and merges them into unique, beautiful designs on silk and wool. She turns her transformed fabrics into artisanal clothing, accessories, and art. Her articles and designs have appeared in international publications such as "No Serial Number" and "Belle Armoire". She and her artist husband, Stephen Filarsky reside in rural NC with their alpacas, chickens and family dogs!
Melissa Weaver Dunning: Melissa Weaver Dunning is a hand-weaver, spinner, and knitter with nearly 40 years of experience working on antique equipment to recreate 18th and 19th-century home-produced textiles. She began her textile study with Scottish master weaver Norman Kennedy in 1980 and carries on this rich tradition in her own teaching. Melissa is an avid tartan and linen weaver, a compulsive knitter and a lover of wool who enjoys sharing her passion for weaving and spinning with students. She is also a ballad singer, specializing in the ballads and songs of Ireland, Scotland, and England from before Napoleon's time.


Michelle Stead:  Michelle’s prolific design career in both knit and crochet patterns has focused on the joy of learning and combining new techniques. She has traveled to fiber festivals from coast to coast selling her patterns and shawl pins. With a range of patterns for every skill level she is eager to help you expand your toolbox of techniques.   


Stacy Cantrell: Stacy learned to crochet at the age of 4 from her great grandmother who was also an artist. From age 4, she began making everything from scarves to custom-designed Barbie doll clothing. Even while working on her education or in fields such as technology and business, she was always crocheting something. She's developed into a free-form artist who likes to crochet three-dimensional works in the macro realm. She likes to bring a sense of amazement and humor into her work. Stacy has worked on the Smithsonian Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef Exhibition in 2010 as a curatorial intern as well as a featured artist. Stacy also participated in Artisphere's award-winning Yarn Bomb sponsored by the Rosslyn BID. She has also curated and created yarn-bombs for the Arlington Art Center, the Torpedo Factory, (NPR) National Public Radio, By The People Festival, the City of Takoma Park, MD and the Smith Center Healing Arts, which was featured in USA Today. Stacy also teaches many workshops on various aspects of crochet. Along with teaching and yarn-bombs, Stacy also shows her work professionally in galleries in the DMV area as well as showing her sculptural work at Vogue Knitting Live in NYC. Stacy currently resides in Maryland with her husband and son, who both also crochet. You can find Stacy's work on FaceBook, Instagram, Pinterest, Ravelry, Bored Panda and Craftsy.