Class Schedule for the 2017 Fiber Festival

2017 Class List & Descriptions

Friday     September 22       1-4 pm


Saturday September 23       9 am - noon & 1-4 pm


Sunday    September 24      9 am - noon & 1-4 pm

All class fees are $50 plus supply fees as listed for each class.


Class size may be limited. All classes have a minimum number of students required. 


You will be contacted if your class is cancelled.


Please read the class descriptions for special equipment you may need to bring for the various classes.


Click on the Class Name for a description

and the Course Number to register.



Just a few quick reminders before you come to class.  


You get in free the day of your class(es) - please tell the gatekeepers you are taking a class.  You will get a program, but not a raffle ticket (you can buy them at the info tent, though). If there is any miscommunication with the gatekeeper and they make you pay, please tell us at the info tent - if you surrender your entire ticket, we will refund you the $5.  The latter rarely happens, but we just wanted you to know.  


Please try to arrive at the info tent for check-in at least 15 minutes before your class.  You will be directed to your class tent/room.  Some tents will hold two classes during the same session - but they will be at least 20'x20' tents, so there should be lots of room, even with sharing.  We try to keep the instructors in the same location for AM and PM sessions, and possibly the same location through the entire weekend.


If you need assistance moving your spinning wheel or other equipment, please let the gate keepers or parking volunteers know so they can radio for a golf cart or some volunteers.  You can also drop your equipment with the volunteer at the first entrance to handicapped parking and you can save yourself a bit of a walk.  


Morning classes are 9 AM - noon.  Afternoon sessions are 1 PM - 4 PM.


Some of you may find you are in a very small class.  Please understand the instructors typically teach at least 4 students, but we've asked them to teach with smaller classes so you don't miss that opportunity.  Because the 3-hour session was planned for more students, you may find your class is shorter than planned, but you will likely have more individual attention.  

Just to remind you, materials fees were paid to SVFF when you registered for class.  Some instructors may have additional kits or supplies for purchase.

If you have any questions about our classes please use this form.

Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.