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September 26th and 27th, 2015


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Deborah Robson classes are still available!

I was just informed that an error with our web configuration listed her classes as sold out on one of the pages where you can sign up. This appears to have been corrected. We sincerely apologize for this error.

25 August PM

Help the Festival! Be a Volunteer.


We are having a special guest instructor: Deborah Robson


Author: Linda Harris Sittig

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Last update 7 August 2015

Fiber: it's more than just a breakfast cereal or wool from sheep! Come celebrate the many facets of fiber in 2015. The festival this year is filled with opportunities and events focusing on all aspects of fiber and more!

More than than just yarn, our vendors offer various raw and finished fibers, the animals they come from, buttons to spinning and weaving equipment, rugs and purses to hats and sweaters, jewelry, art, pottery and more!
You can even try some local wines, fresh cider and pie - something for everyone!
Our events, classes and vendors are increasing from now until festival time. Keep checking back often to see what has been added!


Many various animals produce fiber that can be used for clothing, felting and other types of textiles. Visit with various breeds both at vendor booths and in our educational Breed Exhibit. If you would like your animals to participate, look for more details in the Breed Exhibit section of the Events page.


Did you know Mohair yarn is spun from the hair of the Angora goats and cashmere does actually come from Cashmere goats? See both and sink your fingers into luxurious fleeces at the two different Angora Goat and the Cashmere Goat Shows on Saturday and Sunday. Check out the Events page for times and details of both shows.


Are you interested in taking that special project directly from the fleece to finished goods? Our Juried Fleece Sale is the place to start! Wool, alpaca, mohair and more! This is a great opportunity for fleece producers to market their product. More details on the Juried Fleece page.
Interested in learning a new skill or just trying out something new? There are many classes to choose from - pre-registration is required so check the Classes page often to see what has been added.

Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival contributes to our community.

Read the .pdf to find out how.

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